Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mpingi calling card : A Review of Mpingi phone service

Mpingi calling card : A Review of Mpingi phone service

Mpingi is a voip service that offers low rates to India. With India being a growing market and high demand for low rates to make calls to India, Mpingi looks to capitalize on this high demand market. Like some of the lesser known voip companies, Mpingi is going out to local events and talking to customers about international phone service. Trying a different approach, Mpingi is talking to the potential customers and trying to obtain customers by word of mouth.

Even with their very hands on approach to attract customers, Mpingi is not as good as it claims to be. According to several customer reviews, Mpingi falls into the common trap of not coming through with their promises. Mpingi has an offer for customers to be able to make free calls to other Mpingi customers. According to the review, this is not true and if you make calls using a toll free number, you'll be charged for them. Another problem is they are known for avoiding customer problems and for making claims for coupons and deals that they are unable to fulfill. Also, customers say Mpingi is merely making these amazing offers just to get customers to commit to them and then hit them with hidden fees and charges. As customers complain when they were able to get through to customer service, they were given excuses after excuse and were not allowed to cancel their plan with Mpingi

So before you decide to sign up with Mpingi and other phone card companies, please do your research and check to see if their offers are really as good as they claim.

Worse Experience with MPINGI
want to explain my worst experience with mpingi services. When i saw the advertisment of mpingi, i thought it is great.I called mpingi sales support and asked about mginigi packages and support
for internet connection services in India .The advertisment states that mpingi provides internet connection support to all over India. I was very particular about asking internet connection support in India .I was informed that one of the reperesentative is going to contact me whether they can provide it or not .I given all details Including telephone number in India.Also i was informed that as a part of the verification process i need to give my credit card details, but Sales person assured me that i won’t get charged until they verify whether they can provide internet connection support in India.Also i was promised that I will get a call back within two weeks. I haven’t got any call back for almost three weeks rather i received two mpingi devices, one in USA and one in India.I called mpingi support again asked about why did you send two devices,why I haven’t received any confirmation about the internet connection support in India.Also i firmly told that I don’t need to signup for the connection, if you can’t satisfy the internet connection support in India.He again promised me that you will not get charged until they provide the internet connection in India.The sales reperesentaive tried his level best to convince me to start using the device and the first month is free and also i can use to call anywhere in USA and Canada.I said very firmy again that I don’t need that service.Few weeks later i noticed that my credit card was charged $56 and some change.I called mpingi again told him very firmly that i don’t need the connection.Also i asked him that who authorised to charge money on my credit card? Few weeks later i came to know that some one called my home in India to discuss about the internet connection.By this time i made some alternative arrangement.Decided that I don’t need any services from mpingi. I returned both devices after talking mpingi support manger .I was promised that i will get a refund.More than two months passed after the devices are returned.Whenever i call MPING, they are assuring that i will get refund,but not happening.I am not sure why mpingi want to sell products which doesn’t matches customer requirmment .I don’t want to waste my time.Please dont buy MPINGI if you read this document .

Please don’t even think of trying MPINGI VOIP – it’s not worth it at all. There support is useless. I switched over to MPINGI because Sun-Rocket closed
their business. I opted MPINING considering there support in India - but I am not at all happy with the services they provided me in US and now I am not even thinking of taking a additional line from them for India. The adaptor they provide is of very poor quality and not capable of handling high bandwidth internet connections. I got 12 MBPS broad-brand connection but when connecting through the MPINGI adaptor - I just get 3.5 MBPS of download speed. Whenever I speak with MPINGI customer support - they are just interested in upload speed. They even went to the extent of advising to buy a router since there device is capable of providing maximum of 5 MBPS download speed. I started telling them from the day I received the adaptor. Even though the sale person told me that my card will not be charged in the first month but they charged my card for $44 on same day I signed up on their web-site. When I asked for refund - they are not ready to do so! Only option I have is disputing the charge and I am not sure how much that is going to help!

There customer service is very poor – they are not at all consumer friendly!


Unlimited Calls to India

Unlimited calls anywhere in US and Canada
Save $500 on calls to India - First Month Totally FREE!!!
Save over $500 pa* - If your monthly telephone bill is around $100/mo you can keep your existingnumber with basic facilities and still save close to $40 every month. Which equals saving $500 every year.
Call Conferencing - You can speak simultaneously to any number of people at the same time by making use of this feature. Provided your broadband connection has enough bandwidth.
Soft Phone - This is a screen-based interface that works just like your telephone keypad. You can make a call, receive a call and pick up your voicemails too.

Anywhere MPINGI - When you are traveling, you can make calls through the MPINGI service by dialing the access number followed by your pin.

Mobile MPINGI - Simply dial your Pin Number to use your Mpingi service from any landline, public phone or mobile phone.
Call Waiting - This places your first call on hold while you answer a second incoming is no extra charge for this service.


Home Country Installation: With MPINGI, you do not have to worry about installations outside US and Canada. We provide installation support through phone 24 X 7 in all the countries that have MPINGI service including India.
International Call Block: You have the flexibility of blocking and unblocking international calling. You'll never have to worry about unintended international calls again!

Call Through Mobile: Simply dial your Pin Number to use your Mpingi service from any landline, public phone or mobile phone.
Voicemail: MPINGI's voicemail feature allows you to manage your voicemail through phone, through email, and online.
Add Multiple Numbers: There is no limit on the number of phone numbers you can have. Which means you can have a hotline to all your friends and family in India!

Mpingi Softphone: An add-on service that comes with your MPINGI plan! SoftPhone is a screen-based interface that works just like your telephone keypad. You can make a call, receive a call and pick up your voicemails too.
Call Forwarding & Call Waiting: Call Forwarding can be done for up to 6 numbers. Send incoming calls to any phone number you choose in the US and Canada - absolutely free. Accept an incoming call while you're already on a phone call by putting your first call on hold - a value-added feature at no extra cost.

Money Back Guarantee: Try MPINGI Risk-Free for 30 days after activation. Cancellations for any reason within this period are permitted. We'll refund your money, subject to certain terms conditions.